“Brother In Laws” Currently Filming in Southern Oregon

Bill Pullman (“Independence Day”, “While You Were Sleeping”) and Rita Wilson  (“Jingle All The Way”, “Runaway Bride”) are currently starring in “Brother In Laws” (working title) shooting in and around Klamath Falls this month and next.  Downtown Klamath Falls, a rural cabin, and Lake of Woods are some of a number of locations being used.  Line Producer, Jenny Hinkey, told NBC 2 News, that she expects at least $700,000 will be spent in the local economy.  Hinkey said, “In a very brief amount of time we can have a have a great impact on an area, and it’s a lot of fun for the community”.

According to Southern Oregon’s  Herald &News, Linda Warner from the Klamath Falls Downtown Association said the production “loved the energy of the downtown and the wonderful old buildings,” and were attracted to the location during a “Third Thursday” event taking place in town.  Some local businesses are already benefiting from the production setting up shop, a home decor store is being used as a location, and a scuba shop is renting some gear to the costume department.  The Ledge store owner and Downtown Association member, Mike Angeli said, “It looks like they’re really trying to spread the wealth”.

“Brother In Laws” is being produced by Broadway Video .  Read more here from Daily Variety.

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