Phrenic Invites You to “Go Clone Yourself”


Phrenic–an iOS thriller you watch, read, and play–invites anyone to create a character by uploading a video or writing a very short story from the perspective of a human clone. Videos and stories can be submitted from the Phrenic app itself or on Phrenic’s page on Theatrics. A storyline about liberated clones was designed specifically as a framework for user generated content. Disguises (or Halloween costumes) are encouraged to protect the identity of other clones.

Stories and videos will be published in the Phrenic app and online (one user-submitted story is already live in the app). Prizes include iTunes gift cards and the grand prize is a personal genetic testing kit from 23andMe**.

Halloween may be soon, but the contest ends on November 15th, so there’s still time to put your costume to use by participating in a transmedia experiment and supporting an indie film app from Portland. Interested? Find out more about how to Go Clone Yourself!

How to Submit a Video or Story from the Phrenic App

Backstory for your clone character:

Phrenic iOS app:
Phrenic page on Theatrics:
For more information about Phrenic:
** 23andMe is not affiliated with this contest
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