Film Fighting Classes in Portland

I’m professional actor and fight coordinator Kendall Wells.

I’m offering classes in Portland on fight performance for film and television. I’ve been teaching for about nine years, but only recently decided to hold a regular class (twice per month). I have held a couple workshops in conjunction with Cast Iron Studios in the past, including one taught by my mentor, fight master Anthony De Longis. The workshops were a huge success, and all the students have expressed great interest in training more.

The need for actors to be able to do at least some of their own fight work has been very apparent with shows such as Leverage and Grimm. I’ve spoken with casting directors and stunt coordinators about the lack of talent with fight skills here, and the need for talent to have the skills has inspired me to teach regularly.

I’m now offering classes that the film and television community seems to need. All info on me and my classes can be found at in the “Teaching” section, and at

To get an idea of how I work, and see some testimonials, check out this short trailer:

Those interested in class should RSVP to [email protected].

Thank you,

~ Kendall Wells

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