The Leviathan is Headed Your Way…

Recently, we announced that our debut film, Nightscape will be showing at the Montreal Comiccon Horrorfest. Nightscape was one of 15 films selected by the festival as part of its initial feature film lineup. The festival, which runs from September 14th through the 16th in Montreal, Quebec, will showcase a total of 30 features from around the globe.

Nightscape is about an emotionally-guarded drifter who crosses paths with a phantom car responsible for a wave of supernatural violence. The drifter must learn to trust again if she is to end a lifetime of bad luck and to help her newfound companions survive. The film was shot last summer in Portland, Sauvie Island, Hillsboro, North Plains, Banks, and St. Helens. Nearly all of the production’s cast and crew were locals.

Finally, the Leviathan is here. I’m pleased to bring Nightscape to a large, enthusiastic genre audience. After nearly two years of work, I’m anxious to know how it plays. It’s not a paint-by-numbers horror film. It’s a smart supernatural thriller that relies more on character and atmosphere than gimmicky jump scares.

The film’s debut will coincide with the release of its soundtrack, an original tie-in novel, and a free-to-play iOS video game. We hope to announce the date and venue for a Portland-area premiere later this month.

To find out more about Nightscape, visit

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