Roshan Maloney’s Latest Music Video “Mine” Produced by Revolver Digital Media Studio, LLC

Roshan Maloney: Mine (Extended Version) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Beloved by fans for his bluesy/soulful vocals, stick-in-your-head melodies, and high-energy shows, singer, songwriter, and musician Roshan Maloney has gained the reputation of a serious double-threat performer.

Revolver Digital Media Studio,LLC (Revolver DMS) partnered with Roshan in 2011 to produce a music video for his hot single “Run Out of Luck”. The video received positive reviews from both critics and fans for its energetic cuts and warm imagery. A little over a year has past and Revolver DMS has decided to produce a more ambitious video with higher stakes; aided by a heist inspired storyline. One scene in the video takes place at a concert during a masquerade ball featuring several models in tasteful burlesque attire.

Revolver DMS just released the video and is expecting a national air push which is a pretty big win for the three year old company as they move to expand their reach outside Oregon through both commercial and narrative projects. This will be their second music video to receive national attention within their initial organization; the first being their King Black Acid video for the Underworld movie soundtrack from Lakeshore records.

The ballroom scenes were shot at the West End Theater on 12th and Taylor in Portland. The pool scene was shot at a house off skyline road and the pick up shots around the pearl. The shoot took about three and a half days to complete for a two-week turn around.

Kind Regards,
Benjamin James
Head of Accounts
Revolver Digital Media Studio, LLC
Imagination Evolved

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