ParaNorman Impresses at Comic-Con 2012!

The annual Comic-Con convention took place in San Diego, CA this past weekend, and LAIKA/Focus Features’ ParaNorman was there in full force.  In addition to Norman and the larger-than-life-sized Zombies (seen above) roaming the halls of the convention, there was also a ParaNorman ice cream truck and plenty of free ParaNorman swag being handed out.   Attendees were also treated to a live ParaNorman panel in Hall H (appropriately held on Friday the 13th) that offered a sneak peek of the film, behind-the-scenes footage, and a better idea of what to expect when the film premieres August 17th, 2012.  According to a Deadline Hollywood article, the ParaNorman panel was well received and “won over fans.”  The panel of guests included producer/lead animator/president/CEO Travis Knight, the co-directors of the film, Sam Fell and Chris Butler, and three of the actors who contributed their voices to the movie. They clarified that the film “isn’t a Sixth Sense ripoff in any way, something the earlier trailers hadn’t maybe made as clear. It’s ‘Breakfast Club meets The Fog,’ in Butler’s words.’ “

You can read the full Deadline Hollywood article here, and view some of the ParaNorman action from the Comic-Con show floor in the video below.  Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on for new exclusive behind-the-scenes content each week leading up to the film’s premiere August 17.  We can hardly wait!

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