Now that’s the way to run a Kickstarter Campaign – XOXO Festival Gets Funded

In a matter of a few short days Andy Baio(of has his XOXO Festival Funded.  Unfortunately that means that if you did not already contribute you won’t be able to get a ticket to the event which is scheduled for September 13-16.  Have no fear though, there will still be opportunities to experience the event as the “Market” portion of the festival will be open to the public September 15-16.  What is so exciting about the festival is that it is yet another example of multiple worlds of creativity and tech coming together for a conversation about what is happening and what is next.  Wouldn’t it be great if what is next happened in Oregon?  It can and will if we keep facilitating these conversations and collaborations.  If you still have a thirst for attending an event in September, there will be no shortage of them with Musicfest Northwest, Portland Digital Experience, Time Based Art Festival, and Feast Portland all happening in September.

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