Video of Daniel Wu’s Visit to @CinemaPacific in the Spring

At this past year’s Cinema Pacific former U of O alum Daniel Wu visited his alma mater and screened two of his films.  This is a video of his Q&A at the screening of his film “Overheard 2”.  Who is Daniel Wu you ask?  Well he’s one of Hong Kong’s biggest actors and in China, everyone knows his name.  I had the chance to meet Daniel at a dinner the night of the screening and enjoyed finding out what the one thing he sought out while he was in Oregon – the DVD of “Portlandia Season 1”!  One of these days we’ll figure out how to capitalize on Oregon’s connection to the Chinese Film Industry but for now we have to tip our hat to Richard Herskovitz and his team at Cinema Pacific for mining all these great connections.

Vince Porter

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