“Meek’s Cutoff” Insustry Night at the Elisonore Theatre


March 15th was a night to celebrate the screening of “Meek’s Cutoff” at Salem’s historic Elsinore Theatre.   As seen in the video above, many local film industry workers took the time to show their support by giving a brief interviews discussing how important it is  to Oregon and to Oregon’s film community that productions like this continue to be filmed here in our state.  Many people from the Oregon film industry along with quite a few state senators and representatives showed up for this special screening to benefit the Oregon Cultural Trust.

We would like to thank everyone who showed up to support Oregon’s film industry.  We would also like to thank the Portland Community College film students who volunteered their time and efforts to shoot and edit the short video above (Ricky Guillen, Kevin forrest, Seth Whelden, Kelly Jackson).

Meek’s Cutoff IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1518812/

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