Video Footage of the NYC Premiere of Portlandia

It was a great night at the Edison Ballroom Wednesday night as IFC put together a fantastic party for “Portlandia”.  The space was decked out in everything Portland – Douglas Fir trees, cocktail tables with bicycle tires, and of course plenty of birds!  Local winery Argyle Wines had their 2007 Pinot featured and Rogue Ales was there serving their Dead Guy Ale.  Everyone that attended also got one of the signature “Portlandia” bottles.  I think the entire SNL cast was there along with Lorne Michaels, Heather Graham, Kyle MacLaclan, and “Kenneth” from “30 Rock”.  Thanks to Carrie Brownstein for acknowledging Oregon Film at the premiere.  It was a great night. An added bonus to the trip was all the great meetings with potential producers while I was in NY.  Let’s hope the meetings pay off in the future.  Be sure to watch the video!


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