A Christmas Gift from “Live Wire Radio”

I went to the recent “Live Wire Radio” show which plays on OPB on Saturday Nights.  They recorded two shows – one that will air on Christmas Night and one that will air in January.  The January show features Carrie Brownstein and Gus Van Sant (as well as a good skit with Carrie about “Portlandia”).  The Christmas show featured singer/songwriter Thao Nguyen who played this song that night.  It brought the house down.  A gift card Christmas – a true 21st century Christmas song.  So I know we’re the office of film and television and this doesn’t fit with either label but it was worth sharing.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year (same good wishes for all other holidays)


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One thought on “A Christmas Gift from “Live Wire Radio”

  1. Um – again with the Live Wire? Look – we love it too, and Courtenay, but that’s not what we come to this blog about…

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