That's a Wrap! La Grande Summer Film Project Concludes for 2010

The La Grande Summer Film Project has officially wrapped for 2010. The project drew over 75 participant this year as 8 teams battled through 48 hours in efforts to create 3-7 minute short films based on criteria given to them at the start of the project. 8 genres and 8 featured locations in La Grande, Oregon were used and the final films were screened outdoors on Depot Street next to Mt. Emily Ale House on Friday Night, August 20th. The event was packed and over 200 people witnessed the LGSFP 2010 premiere.
LGSFP2010 Outdoor Screening

The Films

*Awards are noted below the team information and still

As the teams get their films uploaded to various places we will replace the stills below with the embedded videos for a look at the full director cuts of each film. You can view the films as they are embedded at Eastern Oregon FIlm Festival will also be offering copies of the project for purchase to help support this year’s Eastern Oregon Film Festival and next year’s La Grande Summer Film Project. Keep an eye out for information on how to acquire your own copy.


Directed by Jason Crampton
Genre: Thriller
Sponsoring Location: Bella Main Street Mercantile

Murderspace Still Image

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Best Screen Play

This production had the most compelling story albeit slap-sticky thriller the short was full of great one-liner’s and layers of comedic bits – while keeping the audience in suspense. A great example of storytelling.

One Monster Down

Directed by Luke Zwanziger
Genre: Crime/Gangster/Film Noir
Sponsoring Location: Serendipity

One Monster Down

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Best Direction

This award was merited by Luke Zwanziger’s attention to the criteria, use of camera, resources, and participants to shape a strong story backed up by solid visuals.

Reed Mitchell and the Mystery of The Cardio Killer

Directed by Mike Surber
Genre: Mystery
Sponsoring Location: ORA Community Garden

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Most Creative Approach

This film deserves recognition for it’s successful approach to the “hitchcokian long-shot”. This film was rehearsed and shot in one long take – spanning multiple locations and characters.

Small Town Heroes! A Mockumentary

Directed by Chuck Peters
Genre: Doc/Mock-Umentary
Sponsoring Location: Marie Josephine
Small Town Heroes

The public had spoken and dropped more change in this films bucket than any other. Tallies were made from both Friday and Saturday Night!

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Best Ensemble Acting

The strong acting ensemble in this film created wonderfully funny characters and worked off of each other very well. Kudos actors for a wonderful portrayal of La Grande’s own Super Hero Community.

The House

Directed by Madison Butcher
Genre: Horror
Sponsoring Location: Bodywork
the house

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Emerging Filmmakers

This team was comprised of 3 young ladies 11, 12, and 15 years old. These 3 managed to storyboard, script, and shoot this film. be on the lookout for their next film!

All Shapes & Sizes

Directed by Jared Richard
Genre: Musical
Sponsoring Location: EOU
All Shapes & Sizes

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Outstanding Production

Not only was this film shot in various locations and included multiple characters the production also featured original music (lyrics and score) by the participants. This team pulled an awful lot together in a short amount of time.

New Hope

Directed by David Langley
Genre: Western
Sponsoring Location: Benchwarmer’s Bar & Grill / Longbranch

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Best Use of Genre

This post apocalyptic western created a wild west feel in a future tense. Adhering to some of conventions of a western film the gunsling showdowns and music kept the audience in the world of a new frontier.


Directed by Brian Wallis
Genre: Action
Sponsoring Location: Sunflower Books

PRODUCER’S AWARD: Best Editing & MOst Memorable

The editing (Royce Woosley) in this film was a very strong addition to the project this year. Along with one of the most memorable (and wretched) scenes this film gets two highlights!

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