"Meeks Cutoff" in Competition at the Venice Intl. Film Festival

The Venice International Film Festival announced that Kelly Reichardt’s feature “Meeks Cutoff” which was shot in Burns, OR, will be in competition at this year’s festival in September. The film was produced by Oregon native Neil Kopp and it is his third film with Kelly (“Old Joy” and “Wendy and Lucy“).  The film stars Michelle Williams, Bruce Greenwood, and Paul Dano.  Recently Paul Dano talked about filming “Meeks” in this interview.    For those who don’t know the story behind the making of the film, it’s pretty remarkable that they were even able to complete the film.

Shot on location outside of Burns, the cast and crew often traveled two hours every morning to set which was some of the most remote and beautiful landscape in the U.S..  We also talked with several business owners in Burns and the impact this indie film had on the community was quite remarkable.  Several business owners admitted to seeing more than double the business they were used to seeing when the film was in town.

Shawn Levy from the Oregonian also posted this piece about the announcement.

Congratulations to Kelly, Neil and the entire cast and crew who worked on this film.  We wish you the best in Venice!


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