New Addition To Animus Cross Family Won’t Delay Series Launch

Giving birth to a widely-hailed western fantasy like the Oregon-produced web series Animus Cross is a massive undertaking that could easily be derailed – especially when a birth of a different sort occurs!

When series creator A.L. Steen gave birth to her and husband Jerry Buxbaum’s first child, Trone, on February 11, 2010 the show’s fans congratulated her.  As time has gone on, however, there have been rumbles of concern that the Series II of the wildly popular internet series would be delayed.

“Not going to happen,” says Steen from her home in Northwest Oregon.  “Our target release date was in place while Trone was still en utero. We planned the new episodes’ release with the little guy’s needs in mind.  In fact, that’s why we released the trailer for Series II on back in November – we wanted the fans to know that we’re committed to continuing the story when the second series launches in April.”

Since their son’s birth, Steen and Buxbaum have been splitting their time between post-production on the series, work on other projects shooting around the Pacific Northwest, and  adjusting their home life to fit the needs of their new family member.

And don’t forget finding time to sleep!” jokes Buxbaum. “Luckily, Animus Cross is a family affair – most of the show’s fans know David Steen as ‘Pastor Carver,’ but he’s also our editor – and Trone’s grandfather!  Post-production on the show has been a great excuse for him to come visit, and we’re grateful to he and Amanda’s mom Cindy for giving us a break from time-to-time.”

Animus Cross’ first series, entitled “Hell Runs This Way,” is online and available for viewing at  The second series, “Hell For The Company,” is set to launch on that site – and on the video sharing sites YouTube and Vimeo – on April  2010.  Steen plans to go into production on the third series, “Myself Am Hell” in mid 2010.

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