New Doc in the Works, “Learn No Evil: Catlin Gabel’s #MeToo Reckoning”

Learn No Evil is an upcoming documentary about a #MeToo reckoning for one of Oregon’s most prestigious schools. In this explosive, and still-unfolding story, former students uncover decades of teacher abuse at Catlin Gabel.

Since my initial posts about the inappropriate conduct I experienced at Catlin Gabel, there’s been a perpetual flow of victims coming forward. The severity of offense ranges from disturbing and gross, to shocking and horrific. There was physical abuse, emotional abuse, molestation, rape and even incest – all at the hands of TEACHERS, some of whom were seen (by many) as God-like at the school. Continue reading... “New Doc in the Works, “Learn No Evil: Catlin Gabel’s #MeToo Reckoning””