All you need to support #MARDA’S GIFT Film is the best pizza in PDX!

#Nostrana Restaurant PDX is giving a portion of pizza sales to MARDA’S GIFT, a documentary short about one woman in one small town (Bend, OR) who has changed lives for her students, their families and communities — by teaching European baking.

Head out to Nostrana before July 14 and support our fundraising to complete the film. All you have to do is eat the best pizza in Portland!

We’re almost at the finish line and will go into post production in the fall with $10,000 raised. Two PBS stations are broadcasting our ~5-minute trailer! Watch it here.

Can’t make it to Nostrana? Click over to Kickstarter. We’re raising last funds needed to complete the film.

Thanks for your support!

Sheila Rittenberg, Executive Producer, MARDA’S GIFT Film

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