Lighthouses of Oregon: A History of Aiding Maritime Navigation Doc By Matt Cook

After half a year or so of hard work, I have completed a full documentary about Oregon’s lighthouses. This movie tells the story of each Oregon lighthouse. These lifesaving structures helped Oregon grow in the early days of the state. Today they stand as very photogenic monuments of our history.

I took on this project because of a love for both my home state and outdoor filmmaking. I find the outdoors to be an escape from everyday life, and I try to show that in videos. I usually cover a variety of outdoor things including history, adventures, and interesting places.  The whole process of making these outdoor films is fun to me. Visiting, researching, editing, and showing all give me that great rush of life. Something like a mountain climbing video is mostly only interesting to others into in climbing. I thought a topic like lighthouses could appeal to just about anyone. My main hope for this project is to help to preserve the history that can be lost over time.

The movie begins with the Columbia River area, which has no Oregon lighthouses currently. Then it covers each lighthouse in the order they were built.

Here is a link to the full movie. Hope you enjoy it!

Matt Cook

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