Coming Soon: “Hello From Nowhere,” The Laugh-out-Loud Oregon-Set Musical Thriller You’ve Been Waiting For

Crunchy  Pictures is currently wrapping up post-production on their new musical comedy thriller, HELLO FROM NOWHERE. The project is directed by Anthony Orkin, and stars Summer Rain Menkee, John Armour, Denah Angel, G. Scott Brown, and Sean Paul Ross. It will be released in late 2021. 

HELLO FROM NOWHERE is set in the woods of Oregon, filmed at the beautiful Camp Baldwin, a Boy Scout camp on the eastern slope of Mt. Hood. Set to the jaunty melodies of an imaginary Gilbert & Sullivan musical, the film follows two couples who embark on a camping trip and meet a stranger who says he’s hiking to Canada. But the truth is more complicated. Desperate for companionship, the mysterious Jason tries to peel someone – anyone – off the group, to join him in the woods…forever.

Anthony is a Portland-based filmmaker. HELLO FROM NOWHERE is his second feature. His first feature, PERSONAL SERGEANT, starring Victor Argo, was distributed by Marvista Entertainment. His short films, such as SAMMY’S MEASLE, THE NEIGHBOR HOOD and STARGAZER, have screened at a number of festivals. In addition to features, Anthony has edited TV shows, music videos, and commercials.

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