When in Doubt – Documentary on our Divides

When in Doubt
A new documentary about the importance of difficult conversations and the benefits of doubt.

The Signal Productions is making a documentary with the aim of helping improve dialogue across ideological divides and strengthening relationships. We are working with one of the authors of How to Have Impossible Conversations, Peter Boghossian, who will be coaching our documentary subjects to improve their ability to communicate. The film will feature amazing people like Daryl Davis, self-described race reconciliator, who was able to get over 200 people to leave behind hateful organizations like the KKK just through dialogue and by befriending them.

Our goal is to help bridge our seemingly impossible divides by offering people practical ways of improving their dialogue with and understanding of those they disagree with.

Please check out our teaser and our proof of concept. We have more content on our website:  www.whenindoubtfilm.com

We have filmed a small part of the documentary but are in need of help to finish it. We’ve raised over $15K in a little over two weeks and mostly from small donors. We believe that most people want to see solutions to our social and political polarization, and we’re asking for your help!

If you can share our GoFundMe or contribute anything, we’d very much appreciate it, and so will the people whose lives the film ultimately affects in a positive way!

Thanks for reading!

Here is Peter coaching one of our subjects, Anya.

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