Oregon Post-COVID Production Protocols

The OMPA has posted production protocols and guidelines to help insure the health and safety of production crews starting to come back to work here in Oregon.

Gov. Brown has laid out a Three Phase Reopening plan for Oregon. As of June 1, 35 of the state’s 36 counties are open under Phase 1. All productions will need to adhere to the applicable elements of those general guidelines. In addition, we are requesting that all productions here in Oregon have a written Health & Safety Plan that lays out specific procedures and protocols that will not only allow the production to adhere to Gov. Brown’s guidelines but also help the production keep their cast and crew safe from the COVID-19 virus. The OMPA has published a set of Production Protocols that has been developed in conjunction with the local production community that can be used by each project, with budgets and crews of all sizes, for guidance on developing a written H&S policy that all project specific cast, crew and production companies should agree to prior to commencement of production.

Getting back to work. 

It goes unsaid that these are trying times for everyone, including all of us in the Oregon media production industry. Yet, we are a strong and vibrant community of professionals, skilled at solving problems and highly capable of meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19. We are also a community of caring individuals known to support each other and work together with respect and grace. These guidelines will help us protect each other while also helping to reduce the spread of the virus as we get back to work.

See them here.

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