Production in the Age of Corona – A Specific Case Study

Filmmaker Chad Parker created a short series about staying at home that created and utilized a production process that adheres to the current social distancing and health & safety requirements still in place here in Oregon. Check out all three of these fun shorts and their process to get them planned, shot, edited and presented to us all.

“In times of great change, relevant messages are more important than ever. We aimed to find a safe way to produce them. We waited until after the curve had begun to flatten to have our shoot, and we operated within the distancing guidelines set forth in the Oregon executive order. As professionals who rely on film production for a living, and in discussion with the Oregon Media Production Association, we determined it was appropriate to begin establishing procedures to do production safely. This way, once the executive order lifts, crews can go back to work. This is an account of our process and the lessons learned as we eye a return to production in the age of coronavirus.” – Chad Parker

You can check out the content and production process here.

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