LAIKA’s “Missing Link” Receives 8 Annie Award Nominations!

Exciting news today – the 47th Annie Awards announced their 2019 nomination lineup – with Laika Studios‘ “Missing Link” receiving 8 (as did Disney with “Frozen”).

The nominations for this #OregonMade stop motion feature are:


  • “Best Feature” – LAIKA
  • “Best FX for Feature” – CG Look Development Lead: Eric Wachtman; Lead CG Effects Artist: David Horsley; Senior Technical Director: Peter Stuart; Lead Technical Compositor: Timu Khodzhaev; Lead CG Lighter: Joe Strasser.
  • “Best Character Animation – Animated Feature” – Rachelle Lambden; Characters: Multiple.
  • “Best Direction – Feature” – Chris Butler.
  • “Best Production Design” – Nelson Lowry; Production Design: Santiago Montiel; Production Design: Trevor Dalmer.
  • 2 for “Best Storyboarding – Feature” – Julián Nariño and also Oliver Thomas.
  • “Best Editorial – Feature” – Stephen Perkins.

Read more from Variety.

Mark your calendars, the Annie Awards will take place in Los Angeles, Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 7PM.  Congrats to Laika!

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