#EOFF2019 Official Selections

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is delighted to announce the official film selections for the TENTH annual three-day event held October 24-26 in La Grande, Oregon.

EOFF’s programming staff received a record number of submitted films this year spanning a wide variety of themes, genres and formats. Festival-goers will be taken on a journey through works like Milena Pastreich’s PIGEON KINGS, which documents the men in South Central LA who train pigeons for the competitive sport of avian acrobatics, and into Taryn Southern and Elena Gaby’s sci-fi documentary exploring the co-evolution of humans and technology in I AM HUMAN, and back again with Adam Khalil and Bayley Sweitzer’s haunting and inspiringly imaginative EMPTY METAL.

official selections EOFF2019


BEGONIA (dir. Gavin Baird // 2019, Canada, 63:24, Fiction
CAMP WEDDING (dir. Greg Emetaz) // 2019, USA, 90:00, Fiction
CLEMENTINE (dir. Lara Jean Gallagher) // 2019, USA, 86:00, Fiction
DANNY (dir. Aaron Zeghers & Lewis Bennett) // 2019, USA, 50:28, Nonfiction
EMPTY METAL (dir. Adam Khalil & Bayley Sweitzer) // 2018, USA, 85:00, Fiction
GENERAL MAGIC (dir. Sarah Kerruish) // 2018, USA, 92:00, Nonfiction
I AM HUMAN (dir. Taryn Southern, Elena Gaby) // 2019, USA, 90:00, Nonfiction
LEAVE THE BUS THROUGH THE BROKEN WINDOW (dir. Andrew Hevia) // 2019, USA, 01:08:32, Nonfiction
PARIAH DOG (dir. Jesse Alk) // 2019, USA, 76:57, Nonfiction
PIGEON KINGS (dir. Milena Pastreich) // 2019, USA, 81:00, Nonfiction

Shorts / Mid Length

DOG IN THE WOODS (dir. Christian Chapman & PJ Hoffman) // 2019, USA, 5:35, Experimental
FIVE SECRETS TO MOM (dir. Dillon Ward) // 2018, USA, 1:57, Experimental
GOLF (dir. Julia Bales) // 2019, USA, 7:20, Fiction
GÙTK’ÓD ÀU (dir. Adam Piron) // 2019, USA, 8:24, Experimental
HANNAHS (dir. India Donaldson) // 2019, USA, 14:00, Fiction
I’LL BE HERE FOR AWHILE (dir. Dylan & Dakota PF) // 2019, USA, 10:45, Experimental
INTERMEDIUM (dir. Erik Bloomquist) // 2019, USA, 20:50, Fiction
LILAC (dir. Kevin Uskokovic) // 2019, Australia, 16:15, Fiction
LUCKY DOG (dir. Sarah Salovaara) // 2019, USA, 11:07, Fiction
LUKEWARM LIQUIDS (dir. Paul Oh) // 2019, USA, 4:00, Fiction
ONE DOG GONE SUMMER (dir. Julian Yuri Rodriguez) // 2019, USA, 11:00, Fiction
PASSAGE TO WOMANHOOD (dir. Inaya Yusuf) // 2019, USA, 30:00, Nonfiction
PICTURE JASPER (dir. H. Nelson Tracy) // 2018, USA, 20:00, Nonfiction
ROAD TO HER (dir. Jee Hoon Cho) // 2019, Republic of Korea, 29:47, Fiction
SAMURAI IN THE OREGON SKY (dir. Illana Sol) // 2019, USA, 48:16, Nonfiction
SEATTLE’S BIKINI BARISTAS (dir. Benjamin Nolot) // 2019, USA, 9:49, Nonfiction
SPIRIT #1 (dir. Brett Potter) // 2019, USA, 5:00, Fiction
THE FOLLOWER (dir. Stephanie Szerlip) // 2019, USA, 12:03, Fiction
TIDES (dir. Masami Kwai) // 2019, USA, 12:00, Fiction
TWIST (dir. Aly Migliori) // 2019, USA, 10:41, Fiction
WELCOME MARK (dir. Zach Weintraub) // 2019, China, 25:00, Fiction
WHAT GOES UP (dir. Michael St. Germain) // 2019, USA, 5:13, Fiction
YOU IDIOT (dir. Kris Ong) // 2019, Singapore, 11:04, Fiction

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In addition to official selection screenings, EOFF will host a screening block featuring The Best of Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival presented by The Northwest Film Center in Portland, OR.

Screenings will be held at three microcinemas in downtown La Grande, Oregon, and on-campus at Eastern Oregon University. Afterparties will be held each night following screenings. The final deadline for EOFF Membership and Sponsorship is September 13. Festival PASSES are available for purchase online at eofilmfest.com/tickets/. The full schedule of events and screening times will be added to the festival website.

Eastern Oregon Film Festival invites you to take part in the culmination of passion, volunteerism, creative curation, community building and film-loving that EOFF has brought to the region over the past decade.

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