New Stop-Motion Independent Film celebrating the iconic Oregon wolf named Journey

The short film Nowheres Wolf: A Call Not Answered is inspired by the life of Oregon’s famous wolf named Journey, aka OR-7. The film is mid-production and starting to take off, hitting some heartfelt points in the film and animation industry including developing non-toxic building materials for artists and makers as well as advocating for local wildlife.

In an interview with Oregon Wild, Nowheres Wolf creator Suzanne Moulton shared “I’m a big believer in “Think Globally, Act Locally” so I’ve focused on inspiring people to take small actions at home that can make a big difference in whether a local species dies or thrives. From my experience in the stop-motion film industry, and as an artist, I realized these communities are powerful allies. Talking with friends and colleagues, we chose to create awareness for the wolf because this creature is threatened the most by human apathy and hate. As artists, we can use our talents to address these issues and help change perceptions.”

The film is gearing up for its most technically difficult scenes to construct. To support the completion of their film, they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark which is an innovative site specifically for filmmakers and offers distribution services to independent film artists. Think of it as a KickStarter and Netflix rolled into one, except one where the artists retain their intellectual property!

If you want to be a part of the effort, visit the Nowheres Wolf Campaign where you can watch a trailer, behind-the-scenes footage and get updates on the film as its 45 day fundraising campaign progresses.

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