OMPA Members in Focus: The Benefits of Alicia J. Rose


Introducing Oregon Media Production Association’s

first series: Members in Focus.

The Oregon Media Production Association is a 35 year old non-profit, which boasts a collective of Oregon’s finest in film and television. We are a unique group made up of producers and directors, grips, set designers, cinematographers, make-up artists and so much more. We work to perfect our craft and contribute our expertise to elevate the film and media industry on productions both large and small within the borders of beautiful Oregon.

The OMPA Members in Focus series seeks to demonstrate the above and more, one member at a time. Our first episode features director, producer and all-star content creator Alicia J. Rose. In this episode, she discusses and demonstrates her spectrum of talent as both musician and creative in between personal stories of how and why she got into filmmaking.

A Process of Extreme Collaboration

The Pacific Northwest is as unique and memorable as the people who live among it. This green, film-friendly utopia offers continuous inspiration for makers everywhere. But the people who make things here understand that collaboration is key. Alicia is fully aware, noting that Portland is home to a “currency of creative exchange” unlike any other place she’s been. She elaborates with her own experiences in hiring those that have helped her make something with little to no money in the past and later returning to those same people for the bigger projects that pay well. In essence, it is the connections we make on set that are translated to the big screen and Oregon is no stranger to this shared vibe.

Women in Film

For decades, film and TV production  at every level has experienced the bulk of storytelling with a male POV. But the tides are changing and Alicia is doing her part on a local level by intentionally hiring and working with other women.  For her web series, The Benefits of Gusbandry, she worked with an 80% female crew, which is unusual for production. On the heels of encouraging women to go beyond the norm and into the realm of editing, cinematography and directing, Alicia is reminded that she only gets better at her craft by the hands of each person surrounding her projects.

OMPA Brings the Makers Together

For the last three and a half decades, OMPA has been bringing people together to make stories come to life. Our talented network can also be found in the Source Oregon, a vetted resource containing companies, crews, equipment and support services.

For more information on how to become a member, please visit us at or call Kristen at 503.22.8822.

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