BENT Design Lab hits ‘Bulls-eye” with stop motion animated TV spot for Oregon Lottery

Design Lab Director Solomon Burbridge crafted two :15 second energetic, stop motion spots for the 2017 Keno “Bulls Eye” campaign in collaboration with the creative team from Pollinate.

Burbridge guided his team to blend visual influences from classic musical dance numbers of Busby Berkeley with contemporary motion art.

The first thing you notice is the energetic, playful feeling of the spot, syncopated to a driving club beat:

“I approached this with our animation team as a collaborative affair. Essentially, we became an improv troupe of pencils, collectively searching out a non-linear (but parse-able) way to promote fun and elevate everyday objects into graphic motion art,” says Burbridge.

The unique look comes from the simple red, white and blue palette and the fluid movement of the familiar Keno pencils. Over 500 Keno pencils were animated on white paper sweeps entirely in-camera.


“In my mind, this is the perfect kind of commercial… we are using the product front and center for the entire spot which is great for the client, but we are also serving up abstract stop motion, which satisfies the artist in all of us.” – Solo Mon


KENO ‘BULLSEYE’ Director – Solo Mon

Animators – John Summerson,Erik Hoofnagel

DP/ Lights/ Moco – Jim Birkett

Art Direction – Greg Arden

Scenic – Matt Lask

End Tag Modeling – Patrick Coan

Producer – Robert D’Esposito and Gabi Villasenor

Executive Producer – Anthony Greene

Production Co. – Bent Design Lab

Agency – Pollinate

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