Thursday 3/23: Free Webinar to Learn Any Dialect or Accent

Hi Fellow Actors,

As some of you know, I’ve been coaching actors for dialect roles in film and television since 1992 through my Eliza Doolittle Dialects school. This Thursday night — March 23rd at 5pm Pacific, I will be presenting my 3 Steps to Learn ANY Dialect or Accent as a free online training. (This is really the foundation of my popular Accents & Dialects Masterclass.  In it, I’m going to be teaching my 3-pronged method for learning any accent or dialect for voice actors and character actors.  It’s the exact method I used to match all of the female voices on South Park, and that I still use today when I need to jump into a Nigerian or Cantonese accent accent, or a voice match for Keira Knightley. Here is the link to register. In the webinar, I’ll show you how to use auditory, visual and kinesthetic exercises to flawlessly replicate any accent. Forest Whitaker used these methods for his Oscar-winning role in The Last King of Scotland. You can click here to learn more and register. I hope to see you there  — Thursday night at 5:00 pm – it’s going to be a great time.

All my best,

Eliza Jane Schneider

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