Miu Miu Women’s Stories Features Portland, Carmen Lynch – Directed By Chloë Sevigny

Fashion brand Miu Mi, created an ongoing short film series, Women’s Tales, back in 2012, initially in partnership with the Venice Film Festival.  Miu Miu commissions two films a year.  The short films must use Miu Miu’s clothing line as costumes, and only female directors have been invited to participate.  Last year, Chloë Sevigny (a big fan of the fashion line) directed comedienne, Carmen Lynch,  in film no. 13, “Carmen“, and with David Cress (Co-Producer), Kevin Sullivan,(Line Producer) Eric Edwards (DP),  and many of the crew from “Portlandia”, they shot here in Portland.  You can see the crew working behind the scenes in the extra footage.  The film was shot with the very same camera (Arriflex 35 BL4) that Edwards used to shoot “My Own Private Idaho“.  Sevigny is no stranger to Portland, she has appeared in many “Portandia” episodes, and played Bonnie in “Lean on Pete” (now in post production).  “Carmen” used the Miu Miu 2017 spring collection.







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