Stop-Motion Animation With Dan Ackerman


Stop-Motion Animation with Dan Ackerman starts January 21st. Register online today.

Looking forward to Anomolisa? Fan of The Boxtrolls? Inspired by Coraline? If yes, our Stop-Motion Animation class with Dan Ackerman is for you. For the detail-oriented creative, this 9-session course will help you gain the tools and learn the techniques of a variety of drawn animation and object animation approaches. From the technical aspects of camera set-up, control, movement, and lighting, to the more conceptual like developing your message and storyline. Students will create an individual short animated film and will also have the opportunity to take a class field trip to a professional animation studio. Instructor Dan Ackerman has been in the animation business for over 30 years and has worked on tv shows and films like The PJ’s, Coraline, and Meet the Owls.

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