Oregon production directory – Deadline



Sunday, November 30th is the published deadline to list in the 2015 SourceOregon print directory. Don’t fall off the amazing wave of growth in Oregon production!

Big studios to small shops all say that they rely on the SourceOregon production directory when they need people, equipment, services and resources. If you aren’t on their list, you don’t get the call. Click www.SourceOregon.com/GetListed

SourceOregon is also how we promote Oregon production companies to the business community worldwide as we continue to grow Oregon’s reputation as a world-class production center. Working together as OMPA members and SourceOregon listers we have significantly increased the demand for Oregon’s crew and services.

Let’s keep that up. The SourceOregon directory and OMPA membership are how Oregonians keep building more production work so there is a next project to work on when the current one is done.

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