Road’s End Films Releases the Newest “Runestone” Trailer

Local production company Road’s End Films releases the newest trailer for RUNESTONE, a television series pitch headed to NATPE in January 2015.

RUNESTONE, a historically inspired dramatic adventure series, stars Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), Frank Collison (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), and Conan Stevens (The Hobbit). Road’s End Films is an award winning independent film studio producing feature films, television series, documentaries and new media entertainment. Located in Wilsonville, the studio maintains a 6500 sq. ft. facility with a 3500 sq. ft. sound stage, featuring a 32′ long x 16′ wide x 16′ tall two-wall/floor curved cyclorama, and a larger 45′ long x 24.5′ deep x 23′ tall three-wall/floor curved cyclorama. A powered steel lighting grid sits at 26′ high and can be lowered to ground level.

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