International Bike Culture at 12th Annual Filmed by Bike

FBB2014-handbill-collage-simpleIn 2003, Portland’s bicycle culture was really taking off. The creativity, grassroots spirit and wild enthusiasm was undeniable so it’s no surprise a film festival – Filmed by Bike – was in the mix of endeavors that rose out of this formative era. Year after year a primarily Portland-based pool of filmmakers submitted films to the festival, which this year runs April 19-22 at the Clinton St. Theater.

12 years later, all eyes are on Portland as areas around the globe – like Japan – look for sustainability inspiration, and bikes are certainly part of that equation. But the films showcased in the 12th Annual Filmed by Bike aren’t an introspective, pat-our-hipster-selves-on-the-back love fest of Portland film; 65% of the accepted films will offer an international perspective on bicycle culture.

This year’s festival draws from such far reaching places as Slovenia, Latvia, Greece, Australia and Israel. 45 films will screen, representing 14 countries.

Across four days, the festival presents five distinct film programs and a live storytelling night on stage at the theater.

The 12th Annual Filmed by Bike kicks off with a gigantic party in the middle of the street in front of the theater – all ages and free to enter. There will be a New Belgium beer garden, a DJ, contortionist acrobatics and a video storytelling booth where people can confess their deepest, darkest bicycle stories.


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3 thoughts on “International Bike Culture at 12th Annual Filmed by Bike

  1. This is my favorite film fest that Portland offers. Very creative, energetic, completely a festival like you want FESTIVALS to be. Not stodgy, but extremely well organized and excellent films. I try to go every year with my husband and some friends.


  2. I always heard about Filmed By Bike when I lived in Seattle, but now I live in Portland an I am so very glad I can finally attend. I’ve not yet been to the Clinton Street Theatre.

  3. What a cool idea. This looks amazing. I don’t know how I never heard about this until now. Makes me feel like I’ve been living under a rock! Okay, I’m out now.

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