King Black Acid :: I’m Rolling Under

Long time Portland rocker, Daniel Riddle, of King Black Acid (KBA), has once again collaborated with emerging video production company, Revolver Digital Media Studio, LLC (DMS). “I’m Rolling Under,” the latest music video release, is their most visually compelling piece of art in their portfolio. KBA has long been known amongst fans for its space odyssey style sound and emotionally impactful lyrics. This has been the group’s longest collaboration to date, spanning upward five plus years in the production cycle; the result is a visual masterpiece.

Many hours of work went into building sets, costume design and creating visual effects to arrive at the final product. Riddle created a full-scale time travel cockpit in his garage using recycled electronic appliances and old fashion elbow grease. Kalina Torino, visual effects designer, and Chris Roller, partner of Revolver DMS, spent countless hours creating visual worlds and layering science fiction elements to help communicate the time travel message and aesthetic. Jeremiah L. Scott and Bryan R. Thompson, the other partners of Revolver DMS, worked diligently with Riddle on Art direction and creative concepts. Several Friends and family members donated both their time and skills to bring this project to fruition and it’s a testament to what a community of creative individuals can accomplish.  Like the song, “I’m rolling under,” the music video is methodically paced and an intricately assembled visual experience, dealing with core themes of space travel and good versus evil.

The song was released today on ITunes, Bandcamp and Amazon. The video can be viewed on Revolver DMS’s Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

For Further information please contact Benjamin James,

Head of Accounts for Revolver Digital Media Studio, LLC

[email protected]

Mobile: 503.268.9520

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