BIRDS OF NEPTUNE, a film by Steven Richter, is currently in production in Portland OR, to be released in fall, 2013.

Concept photo for ” Birds of Neptune” photo by Sarah Sitzler

Birds of Neptune, written and directed by Steven Richter (Center of Gravity, Myth of Drowning), is an independent feature film set in Portland, OR, produced by Reverie PDX and Lara Cuddy (The Weather Outside, Cell Count), and scheduled for release in fall 2013.


Birds of Neptune follows a short period of time in the young lives of two orphaned sisters who refuse to move on from their complicated, tragic past into their adult lives. Mona and Rachel, whose parents are deceased, live alone in their childhood home in Southeast Portland. Without parental guidance, they have been left to their own devices as the house decays around them, a reality they experience in entirely different ways. While Mona builds an illusory image of herself as shelter, Rachel escapes by finding solace in her music. As the sisters reach a turning point and their shared familiar space slips away, a man enters their world and sees an opportunity to assert control. A boy watches from the sidelines and intervenes. There may be a greater power in innocence and the genuine interest people have in one another.


Notable cinematographer, John J. Campbell (Gus Van Sant’s Mala Noche, My Own Private Idaho, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues) has joined the project as Director of Photography. The original score for Birds of Neptune will be composed as a collaboration of well-known Portland musicians (to be announced). Other cast and crew selections will be made public in forthcoming announcements.


Birds of Neptune is Steven Richter’s second feature film. His first feature project, Center of Gravity (filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2011) was an official selection at the 2012 Raindance Film Festival in London and was nominated for the New Directors Award at the 2011 Sao Paulo International Film Festival. Steven Richter currently lives in Portland, where he founded Reverie Films.


Steven Richter, director and screenwriter, is an American filmmaker, based in Portland (Oregon). He is the founder and director of Academia Internacional de Cinema, a well-known film school located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that has produced more than 1500 short films in its 8 years of activities. Directing credits include The Myth of Drowning (short, Brazil, 2009), based on a story by New York writer Dawn Raffel, and Center of Gravity (feature, Brazil, 2009), which was a nominee for the New Directors Competition at the São Paulo International Film Festival in 2011, and made the official selection for the Raindance Film Festival in London in 2012.  He is the founder and director of two production companies: Universal Remote Films (São Paulo, SP, Brazil), connected to Academia Internacional de Cinema, producer of Center of Gravity) and Reverie Films (Portland, OR, U.S.A.), which is currently producing his next feature film, Birds of Neptune, to be shot in Portland in 2013.





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