Cast and Crew of @NBCGrimm Give Back at Oregon Food Bank

With very little fanfare the cast and crew of the NBC series “Grimm” spent their weekend working two shifts at two different locations of the Oregon Food Bank packaging 24,139 pounds of food resulting in 15,259 meals for Oregonians in need.  The effort was largely organized by local film workers Bruce Lawson and Dawnn Pavlonnis, but in total there were over 30 volunteers representing members of IATSE, SAG/AFTRA, DGA, and the Teamsters looking to give a little back to the community.  This is not the only charitable effort the “Grimm” cast and crew has made over the past year.  They’ve helped raise money for local non-profits, visited children hospitals, and organized toy drives in the office.

One great aspect of Oregon’s film and TV industry is the sense of community that exists.  It could be in part because the industry is relatively small and tight knit (albeit growing), but I believe that it’s more the case that there are some outstanding Oregonians who feel the need to give back whenever possible.  After this weekend, it’s clear that it’s contagious.  



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7 thoughts on “Cast and Crew of @NBCGrimm Give Back at Oregon Food Bank

  1. Grimsters-Thank you for reaching out to those in need at the Oregon Food Bank. For those who are able, good luck and God bless, as you rise to be back on your feet again!

  2. So awesome! Thank you Bruce and Dawnn for leading the way! That is really something given the hours you all work, and the long time you have been doing it. Philip and I try to do something similar nearly every Thanksgiving day with the homeless and disenfranchised. Thanks NBC for taking a break on “Grimm” so he can come home and we can continue that tradition here in Eugene this year. Filmmakers have a lot of heart, it seems!

  3. As one of the many artists who have worked at the Waterfront Blues Festival, many times over the years. The joy of playing certainly was part of it, particularly for a large and appreciative audience, but the fact that it had a real, community-connected purpose added to the “joy factor”. Thank you all for your conscious tribute and caring contribution to those whom we strive to serve.

  4. Thank you Grimm cast and crew for your generosity! Your success does not blind you to the plight of Oregonians in need, and your goodwill to the community speaks volumes. May the effort lift your spirits as it lifts the spirits of others.

  5. I would like to know how me and my family can help feed the homeless and poor for christmas. Please call me at 971-570-0536

  6. A big thank you for helping out at the Oregon Food Bank and for caring enough to do something this unselfish and kind for Oregonians in need. You all are the greatest! We love having you here and making the quality productions that have made Grimm such a success across the country. Happy Holidays to all!

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