New trailer and festival announcement for Cell Count.


PORTLAND, Oregon (June 4, 2012)  Just two weeks ago Cell Count was Closing Night Film at the Fantaspoa Fantastic Film Festival in Brazil and the World Premiere was a huge success.  The scheduled showing was over capacity and a second theater had to be added to accommodate all of the genre loving fans that came out to see the film.  Now it is Polluted Pictures and Wooden Frame Production’s profound pleasure to present the new trailer as well as announce their second film festival acceptance.

It was just announced on June 1st that Cell Count has been accepted to the Macabro Film Festival in Mexico City, Mexico.  Macabro is in it’s 11th year and “is the first film festival in Mexico, dedicated to the promotion, dissemination and exhibition of the best contemporary genre films and historical account of it. It also is one of the festivals with increased longevity, continuity, strength and commitment to media education, training and creating film audiences in the national tour of festivals in Mexico.”  Cell Count is an Official Selection and is eligible for the Best Feature Film Macabre Horror Competition and Todd E. Freeman is in competition for the Macabre Silver for Best Director.

I am so thankful to everyone involved in this movie.  It is becoming clear that we are being accepted by an awesome worldwide community of genre film lovers and we couldn’t be any more excited.  What is amazing about movies is that it’s one of the few things in the world… that was created… to share worldwide.  It doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what language you speak:  Motion Pictures are made for us all and are created without borders. – Writer and Director Todd E. Freeman.

The Macabro Film Festival, which runs from August 16-26, has played some of the most popular genre films from around the globe for the last 10 years including both classic and contemporary films.  In these 10 years they have brought together more than 70,000 spectators at an average of four sites per year, providing the most relevant of Horror in the audience of Mexico City.

Here is the new trailer for the fantastic film festival favorite Cell Count:

Wooden Frame Productions is in negotiations to bring Cell Count to a Worldwide audience by the end of the year including all digital platforms, VOD, as well as cable television.

Find out more, read reviews, and stay up to date with Cell Count at:

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