“Creativity is Child’s Play: Ten Lessons from Top Creatives”

Business Communicators will be coloring on the tables, playing games, answering riddles and hopscotching up to the bar for a Primary Color Cocktail on June 6 at the Benson Hotel when Steve Gehlen, co-founder of Oregon Creative Industries and chairman of the Portland Creative Conference presents, “Creativity is Child’s Play: Ten Lessons from Top Creatives” at the annual IABC Bronze Beacon Awards.

Gehlen has met countless revered creatives like Steve Buscemi, Martin Sheen, Wes Craven and many others who have spoken at the Portland Creative Conference over the years, and he’ll be sharing what he’s learned from them about sparking one’s own creativity.

Creativity is thought by many to be an economic driver because it spawns innovations in such a wide variety of fields (the arts, engineering, science, etc.). Einstein himself said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and envisioned himself riding on a beam of light — which led to his theory of relativity.

Attendees at the June 6 event will also get a chance to answer riddles at the event that have been sent to them by email in the weeks leading up to the event date. The four riddles have only one common answer. Here they are (can you guess the answer? I’d share it with you now, but I was double-dog-dared not to reveal it until the event date):

(1) You grow into adulthood, but this does not grow with you. What is it?
(2) You’re told to nurture it, but it is often hidden from you. What is it?
(3) You’re told to ignore it, but it complains of hunger. What is it?
(4) You must let it out, or else your creativity will die. What is it?

WHEN: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 5:30pm
WHERE: The Benson Hotel, 309 SW Broadway in Portland

Register today
. $40 IABC members, $45 non-members, $30 students (through June 1) $50 for IABC members and $55 for non-members, $35 students (after June 1) $315 group of eight Ticket price includes substantial spread of hors d’oeuvres and no-host bar.

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