Portland Anthem

Devin Stinson and Donald Cobbs, both agree and understand that Portland is such an amazingly unique and diverse city, unlike any other in the nation, and they wanted to create an anthem that highlighted all of those things.

Donald Cobbs came to Portland when he was 7yrs. old. He was here prior to the building of the Memorial Coliseum, during a time where the only sports team that represented Portland, was the Portland Buckaroos. That was also during the time in which the Portland Zoo received a new resident, an elephant which was affectionately named Packy, and the closest thing to an anthem was the “Zoo Key Song.”

Devin Stinson has lived here his entire life, and has continually proclaimed the uniqueness of our city. Devin realized that there has never been a song dedicated specifically to our city and what makes it so special. So Devin decided to compose the Portland Anthem…a song that highlights and represents events, places and people that make up who, and what, are Portland. He enlisted the services of Donald Cobbs, to make the vision complete.

We continually hear slogans like keep “Portland Weird” but people really don’t know that although weird is most times considered to be strange and non-conforming…it can also be unique, fulfilling and somewhat nurturing!

Portland truly is the place to be, to see and to live!

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