LAIKA Creates Trailer For New Colin Meloy Book

“How five crows managed to lift a 20-pound baby boy into the air was beyond Prue, but that was certainly the least of her worries.”

As if being the lead singer of one of the most highly-thought of bands around wasn’t enough, Colin Meloy – front man for the Decembrists – has added author extraordinaire to his list of titles. His children’s book Wildwood, the first in a series, is set to hit stores August 30th.

Wildwood is the story of Prue McKeel, a young girl who must adventure into the Impassible Wilderness on the edge of Portland, Oregon after her baby brother is abducted by a murder of crows. (A dark, fantasy underbelly to Portland? Maybe Colin and the creators of Grimm know something the rest of us don’t.)

With beautiful illustrations from Carson Ellis as well as a playlist available on iTunes, Wildwood looks to be a feast for the senses. If you can barely contain your excitement and want to read it immediately, you can tide yourself over till the release by heading over to the A.V. Club. They have a gorgeous animated trailer from the folks at LAIKA that’s more than worth the effort to click to. If we’re lucky, maybe there will be a long-form trailer somewhere in the future.

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