“Meek’s Cutoff” Opens at Portland’s Fox Tower on Friday

For all of you who haven’t seen “Meek’s Cutoff”, the film opens at Portland’s Fox Tower on Friday.  Local Writer Jon Raymond and Producer Neil Kopp will be on hand for a Q&A session at screenings on Friday and Saturday night.  Almost a month ago we held a screening of the film at the Elsinore Theater in Salem and the film was very well received.  It is a stunningly beautiful film featuring great acting, great directing and great locations!  Please do check the schedule of the Fox Tower later in the week to get more details about the show times as well as the times that Jon and Neil will be doing their Q&A.

And if you are not in the Portland area, check for other screening dates and times.  There are dates set for screenings in Salem and Bend very soon.

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