“Portlandia” – A Tourism Destination

There have been a few naysayers who have stated that “Portlandia” is bad for Portland’s image.  Some have said that the video “The Dream of the 90’s” on YouTube is going to ruin the business climate and dive us deeper into a recession.  Well for all of you who believe this myth and those who think all this fuss is silly, look no further than the Irish Times.  I was sent this article today by Jennifer Yocom from Mayor Adam’s office which is a great tourism piece for Portland and Oregon.  In our hearing this week regarding the incentive program, Jennifer referenced “earned media” as a secondary benefit for film and television projects.  This article in the Irish Times is a great example of free “earned media” thanks to “Portlandia”.

I’ve always thought that Oregon was the Ireland of the United States.  I’m happy to see that the Irish Times has taken an interest in Oregon.  I hope it translates to more tourist dollars!


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3 thoughts on ““Portlandia” – A Tourism Destination

  1. Do we really want to attract businesses who can’t tell the difference between comedy and reality? If that logic held, no one would work or live in LA because of all the gang violence and natural disasters.

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