News of "Meeks Cutoff" premiere in Venice

Michelle Williams at Premeire courtesy of Wire Images

Shawn Levy from the Oregonian picked up on some stories about the premiere of the Oregon made film “Meeks Cutoff” at the Venice International Film Festival.  Here’s the article he wrote over the weekend.

As Shawn mentions in his article several positive reviews are already surfacing.  We were also able to find several other web stories about the premiere.  Here are a few links to more information on the film’s premiere.

Yahoo Movies

NY Times


The Guardian (England)


Huffington Post

OK so it didn’t hurt having Michelle Williams walk the red carpet with a new hair style but the general coverage of the film was very positive.  After reading the articles its interesting to see how the media is covering this film.  For the most part, they consider this film as a western out on the Oregon trail from the women’s perspective.  I haven’t seen the film yet but I look forward to seeing it here in Oregon (maybe a screening in Burns is in order?)  Hopefully the momentum will continue when the film makes its North American premiere in Toronto.

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