Solid Local Training Helps Oregon Talent Succeed

Contributor – Karen LaVoie, Acting Coach

As more productions roll into Oregon, doors will be opening up for Oregon-based acting talent to make connections and start a career in Los Angeles. But making the move isn’t easy! To make sure Oregon actors are competitive with their rivals, Karen LaVoie provides top-notch coaching to actors in Portland and LA. Using classic techniques alongside new ones, Karen gives her students a thorough training in convincing acting. Her coaching includes on-camera training, location shooting, and one-on-one auditions, as well as industry skills and services like self-marketing techniques, headshots, resumes, and acting reels.  Karen can also help industry outsiders make contacts in LA – no more showing up unannounced! Here are just a few of Karen’s clients who are working in LA:

Brett Harris
Brett Harrison: Grounded for Life and Reaper
McKenzie Cowan
McKenzie Cowan: Days of our Lives
Bunnie Rivera: Medium, Ugly Betty, CSI, Desperate Housewives
Carrie Finklea: The Roommate, the Mentalist, The Genius Files
Dorthea Ellerby
Sean Holt

Karen also has Oregon clients that are planning to make a move to LA:

Shania Sierra is a 14 year old actress planning on moving south in 2 years. You can view her acting reel at: To view her headshots and resume: .
About Karen LaVoie:

For more Info: .

To Enroll:

Karen’s studio is located right off of I-5 at the Terwilliger exit.

To YOUR Success!

Karen LaVoie

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  1. LAVOIE says:

    For clarity, the above are people are training and or trained with me and have personally given me credit for their acting success.

    Karen LaVoie
    (503) 244-0801
    (310) 717-3300

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