Oregon has Talent! – from an Agency Perspective


Contributor – Kaili Canfield

What do you think of when someone says “Oregon”? Do you think of mountains and rivers and cool coffee shops? Hipsters on bicycles riding in the rain? You wouldn’t be alone if you did! What I think about when someone says “Oregon” is quite different – I think of TALENT.

As an agent in this market for the last 15 years, I have seen many productions come through our state, Film, Television and Commercial. Most are lured here by our beautiful and varied landscapes and desire to go someplace unjaded and film friendly. They come expecting to enjoy the scenery but mistakenly assume that they will need to import a majority of their actors from LA. They are always in for a pleasant surprise once they start auditioning! Our talent pool is both wide and deep, with actors that can stand toe to toe against Los Angeles actors any day of the week. While much of our talent is home grown, a larger and larger percentage of the pool is made up of talent that cut their teeth in LA and NY but have moved to Oregon for the lifestyle it affords it’s residents. This agency alone has booked numerous Guest Star roles on Leverage in the last two seasons along with countless co-stars in each episode. We have local actors in substantial roles in Twilight, Extraordinary Measures, In My Shoes (NBC) and Restless on the film side, as well as scores of National and Regional commercials – and we are just one of many strong and successful agencies in our market!

While as a state we very much enjoy the benefits of being a well kept secret – as an industry, it’s time for that secret to get out! We have your Guest Stars, your Supporting Leads – We have actors with chops AND credits. What does this mean to an out of state production? Well, quite simply it means another way to save you money. Being able to hire local will save you in travel, lodging and per diem. Once productions do discover us, they tend to return again and again. Come find out what the buzz is about!


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