Why Can't Film and Video be an Innovative Idea?

So most of you know that we mostly talk about state funded incentives to bring jobs and economic activity for the film and video industry.  I’ve often been asked “why can’t the private industry step in”?  I’ve never had a good answer – until today.  I was browsing one of my favorite blogs today Silicon Florist and Rick had a post detailing “Ideas 4 Oregon”.  The Meyer Memorial Trust (founded by none other than Fred Meyer) has put out a challenge to come up with innovative ideas to spend a million dollars.  So my question to all of you is why couldn’t that money be spent on an innovative idea in the film and video industry?  Just a thought.


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2 thoughts on “Why Can't Film and Video be an Innovative Idea?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Vince! I’ve got the perfect film idea for them. Submitting now…

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