Revolver Studio's Webseries "Planning to Fail (Spectacularly)" Reveals Its Cast.

ONLINE (June 4, 2010) – Revolver Digital Media Studio announced their main cast for PLANNING TO FAIL (SPECTACULARLY), their latest web series project. The web series stars: Casey McFeron as Paul, Victor Morris as Richard, John San Nicolas as Bryan, Jacob Bean-Watson as Clive, Mariessa Portelance as Naomi, Roshan Maloney as Dallas, and Sara Robbin as Brevin. The series is scheduled to shoot this summer in Oregon.

Planning to Fail (Spectacularly) revolves around an independent and ambitious gaming store that’s drowning in debt and inadvertently gets bought up by a corporate gaming conglomerate! It’s the story of a misfit tribe of employees trying to accept their fate. In the process they try to figure out what to do next, because no matter what they do, life never stops moving forward. The first season covers the group’s last day, now known as “D Day” in the hearts and minds of this small town’s dedicated gaming community.

PLANNING TO FAIL (SPECTACULARLY) is being directed by Bryan R. Thompson, produced by Benjamin James, shot by Jeremiah L. Scott, and composed by Chris Roller along with post visual effects and web design . It’s scheduled to be released domestically online at various video sharing sites this fall. Merchandise and video documentaries will be released in conjunction with the season.

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