MDiTV Launches First Comprehensive Medical News Network

We are pleased to announce that Portland-based start-up MDiTV has officially launched!

The MDiTV website is live and fully operational. On it you can watch our first week of news stories and several previews of our upcoming programs. A key feature on the site is the “Read Article” option. This allows you to read the news article that each news cast is based on. In this article, you will find additional information and the sources that the facts are based on. This ensures that MDiTV is bringing you the most credible and transparent news possible.

The television studio and the offices of MDiTV are located in the Left Bank Building, at 240 N. Broadway St. The production team has been busy installing lights and cameras in the studio space in preparation for a regular shooting schedule. The website will be updated daily with new content.

MDiTV Launches First
Comprehensive Medical News Network

Broadcast Health Network Features Exclusive Health News and Health Shows

Portland, OR—April 27, 2010—MDiTV has announced its official launch today. The first of its kind medical information network offers 24/7 health news and programming on healthy living. The content is produced out of the company’s brand new Portland studio, and veteran anchors Andrew Holtz and Cathy Marshall, formerly of CNN, present the news segments.

“We’re very excited about the building and launch of this initial web portal and our subsequent expansion into all areas of digital broadcast,” said Robert Lazzara, M.D., founder and CEO of MDiTV, Inc.

Lazzara explained, “Coinciding with the convergence of digital technologies, MDiTV will soon offer applications for iPhones, iPads, other smartphones, and Internet supported TV, allowing viewers more abundant access to live and on demand rich media programming.”  MDiTV is also the first health information network to broadcast a live surgery over an iPhone, which can be seen now at

“Today’s launch is just the beginning,” said Lazzara.  “We have several additional shows and social media content ready to roll out over the upcoming weeks.”

Anchor Andrew Holtz added, “With the collapse of the traditional news business, MDiTV is a new model for professional journalism in an Internet age.”

The network’s content is designed for patients and providers alike.  MDiTV’s mission is to engage, educate, and empower.

For more information about MDiTV, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Robert Lazzara, please contact Paul Williams at (949) 916-6880 or via [email protected].

We encourage you to take a look at the MDiTV website and give us your thoughts and feedback!

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