Request for Donated Video Production Services

Eastco Diversified Services is a non profit which provides jobs and homes for adults living with developmental disabilities.  Eastco is an organization that practices and advocates the principals of person centered planning.  Our primary purpose is to foster a collaborative and supportive environment for the success and enrichment of our individuals, families and employees.

As part of our Capital Campaign, we would like to have a video as a marketing tool.  The purpose of the video is to provide an overview of the Eastco environment, and to tell the Eastco story. In our feasibility study we learned outside of the developmental disability community in Oregon, we are the best known secret.  It is our hope to find a production company willing to donate services to help us create a five-minute video to use in our strategy to increase our visibility in the greater Portland community and to have the viewer have a better understanding of the programs and services Eastco provides.

Those interested in partnering with Eastco, can contact:

Carol Copping
Capital Campaign Coordinator
Eastco Diversified Services, Inc.
Phone:  503.667.0613
[email protected]

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