Dark Horizon Is Now On DVD

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Back in 2006, I appeared in a very ambitious independent film called (at that time) The Lonely Apocalypse – written and directed by Northwest filmmaker Nicholas J. Hagen.

My part was pretty small – I only had two shoot days on the project. The film itself, however, was shot over the course of an entire month in and around Southwest Washington and incorporated a dizzying array of stunts, special effects, and locations. Everyone who’s seen the movie under its new title Dark Horizon has been impressed by the tension Hagen evoked – and the high production value he was able to bring on such a small budget. You can see some of that production value in the trailer above.

Now the film is finally available on DVD through Amazon.com. I’ve put a link up in the Store section of Haroldphillips.net – pop by, click the link, and support your local filmmaker by ordering your own DVD copy. If you like it, please do leave a comment on the Amazon page letting other people know what you thought – or on the film’s IMDB page. We’d all really appreciate it.

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Dark Horizon from Nick Hagen on Vimeo.

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