FMYI (for my innovation) organizes customers’ video and film production, makes “A New Day” video of their own

Is your production information slipping through the cracks? Mine was. Then, my best friend from 3rd grade told me about a system he’d just created for Nike solving this exact problem. Together, we customized FMYI to handle the unique pressures of the production world. As a producer of nationally syndicated programs for over 10 years, I knew that creating television, film or new media has a seemingly endless number of moving pieces, making good communication within a team critical. With today’s tighter budgets and people working from dispersed locations production has become even more difficult. There is also the pressure to make sharing the latest details fun, rather than a dreaded, time-consuming search through a scattered mess of emails. A New York Times article compared FMYI to Facebook for the working world with a simple interface that is easy-to-use.

When I rolled out FMYI to the production company I was working with, we saw that it also has a positive impact on budget and the environment. With this paperless collaboration and file-sharing tool, we were able to print and ship significantly less racking up big savings. Using the secure file sharing to upload video cuts allowed producers and executives to stream MOVs and then attach comments on the content. Others posted the preliminary versions of their scripts giving the team access, but only printed when the final document was ready.

FMYI was designed for creative types from the ground up. You control who sees what, and share only the details people need to know all in your very own secure site. They are still kept in the loop with email alerts but can read and delete as the information is filed for them. It gives your team an easy, organized, inspirational collaboration site that will have an exponential effect on your overall success. Rather than losing valuable time and energy when important details fall through the cracks, it allows you to really focus on creating a great product.

Teams of 2 to 2,000 people can use the site and it can grow as you do. Some film and video customers include:

– Sony Pictures TV: three shows (used for pre-pro, production elements and post)

– Fox’s live Morning Show and Divorce Court (pre-pro and production elements)

– RDF USA’s WifeSwap (casting, production elements and post)

– LA INK (casting)

– MTV’s RoomRaiders (casting)

Recently FMYI produced our own brand video to tell our story.  Set with a beautiful Portland backdrop, “A New Day” is a call to action to stop working (the old less productive, less efficient way) and start innovating with a solution that is good for the environment and a big win for your people.  Did we use our own system to manage the production of our own video?  You bet we did!  And, boy I am glad we had it.

Seth Tayler,

VP of Sales and Marketing

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